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Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum explains all aspects of a developmentally appropriate program and leads us through the process of planning and offering excellent care and education for children.

Rising Starz Fitness comes to Cottonwood twice a month and teaches 30 minute lessons that include gymnastics, nutrition and fitness. Each lesson includes an energetic warm-up, teaching of tumbling, and skill positions along with other equipment such as balance beam, a preschool training bar, and hand apparatus like ropes, hoops, bean bags, parachute and lummi sticks. The lesson ends with small nutrition lesson focusing on teaching kids healthy choices!

A child is never to young to experience success at something physical.  By helping them feel good about their bodies they will be more apt to care of it. Children will learn the entire realm of fitness…. Healthy eating, enough rest, and plenty of exercise.  While doing this we help each child individually build self confidence and a strong self-esteem, so that they will be successful in life.

Wee Luv Music is a Christ-centered, interactive music program designed for children preschool ages and younger. The goal is to provide a fun learning environment while teaching basic music skills. Activities include working on singing skills, playing simple instruments to develop rhythm and beat, music listening activities as well as learning basic music theory through interactive games. Wee Luv Music hopes to inspire and instill a love for music at an early age to be enjoyed for a lifetime!

The Zoo-Phonics multisensory language arts program is a kinesthetic, multi-modal approach to learning all aspects of language arts.  It’s fun and incredibly effective.  Zoo-Phonics is a unique program that involves the whole child; eyes, ears, mouth, mind and body with:

  • Endearing animals (visual learning)
  • Hand and body motions (Kinesthetic learning)
  • Sound and songs (Auditory Learning)
  • Letter shapes (Visual learning)
  • Games and activities (Kinesthetic learning)

Baby Sign Language:

  • Allows babies to communicate long before they can speak
  • Reduces tantrums and frustrations, and increases bonding between caregiver and child
  • Exposes baby to a real second language (ASL) American Sign Language
  • Increases baby’s vocabulary and may even increase IQ.

Field Trips:
Field trips are planned on a monthly basis so children can explore the outside world. Children 3 years old (potty trained) and older may go on a field trip.  Transportation to and from field trips is on a school bus owned by Cottonwood Church. It is our goal to expose the children to many different learning experiences through these outings.

Gym Class:
Physical activities are an important part of a child’s growth.  Daily activities include a walk to the gym where they can run, play and have fun!  We provide children a path to healthy development through age appropriate movement activities.

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Cottonwood Christian Learning Center

1101 Cypress Drive, Jenison, MI 49428

Cottonwood Christian Learning Center

1101 Cypress Dr.
Jenison, MI 49428

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